Sunday, August 22, 2010



Elizabeth Catherine Anne.  My little daughter.  I still can't quite believe I have a little girl, I was so sure she'd be a boy.  When I was pregnant I imagined "the boys" growing up together so vividly that sometimes I'm surprised to see a little baby bundled up in pink on my lap.
Libby's such a happy little thing.  She loves to lay on her blankey and kick and talk to us.  She's a strong little thing, already holding her head up steadily when she was 8 weeks old.  She loves to be naked and breaks into a huge grin as soon as she's put on her change pad, she knows what's coming.  Her Daddy says she has two speeds: off and frantic.  She's slept 5 hour stretches at night since she was a few weeks old, which makes Mommy a happy camper!
I hope I can show her how to be a strong and loving woman, the way my mom and grandma did for me. I look into her wide, trusting eyes and wonder what kind of little girl she will become and what life holds for her.

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