Friday, April 29, 2011

My little prince and princess

Since 4am was a bit early to get up, even for a royal wedding, we set the PVR and hit play as soon as we got up this morning.

What a beautiful wedding! James kept asking me "WHY are you saying 'awww', Mommy?" Even Libby was watching! I was pretty excited that they're named Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus, which is Paul's hometown, and where we were married.

Look, Mommy! A princess!
But how can you not love our newest royal couple? They look so head over heels in love and are going to make some beautiful little princes and princesses . . . although not nearly as gorgeous as mine <3

Thursday, April 28, 2011


After 6 long months, 5 feet of snow, and -37 temperatures I think spring is finally here in earnest. It's been around 10 degrees every day, most of the snow is gone, and we have a bouquet of pussywillows on our kitchen table. Life is good!
We've been busy doing lots of Eastery baking and crafting: hot cross buns, egg shaped cupcakes, jello eggs, and dying regular eggs too. James is crazy for crafting and baking, so he was a very happy boy all week!

Easter was fun, James really "got" the whole Easter Bunny thing this year. He wasn't as in to the hunt as last year, because last year it was all about finding eggs and this year it was about eating eggs.
We didn't go too overboard on treats this year, but I (or the Easter Bunny, rather!) found some playsilks and wooden scenery from a few Etsy shops (Beneath the Rowan Tree and The Enchanted Cupboard) and both the kids are really enjoying them!
And here's Miss Elizabeth modelling her new Easter skirt . . .
She tried a bit of chocolate for the first time and it went over ok, but she was just as happy to get back to her egg yolk :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pam the Builder

I have to share what I just built for the kids' bedroom!

James loves his Thomas trains, but he's annoyed that they are starting to get chipped in the bag he keeps them in. I've been looking for something to keep them in for ages and then decided to just make something.

"My shelves are so beautiful, Mommy!"

*Someone* doesn't want his sister touching his trains...
The plans are from Ana White, which is my new favourite website!  I made them all by myself!  Ok, Paul held the boards once or twice while I was drilling, and he pounded a few nails, but the rest was me . . . I even used the big saw! It was tons of fun and James is thrilled with his shelves.

The books are so much better displayed this way too, little Robert Munch books and the like are hard to find when they're all spine-out. The moment he finished putting them all up, he grabbed one to read.

And no, that's not all his books, the rest are under Libby's crib and we'll circulate!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Nursery

I love this little room, it's my favourite in the house. It used to be this horrible dark room with old curtains, an orange rug over brown tile linoleum and dark (fake) wood paneling. Like a 1970s basement. The fake wood paneling is still there, but thanks to Mr. Moore it's a creamy white.  The floor is just laminate, but it's such a friendly, cheerful little room!

Libby's dresser

Art from Etsy

Lib's side of the room

James' side of the room

Toys and Art Gallery 

Lib's bed

James' crib is now exchanged for a double and we still haven't got "kid" linens for it, so he's making do with the brown sheets from the days we used his bed as a spare bed.

Ok. Really. I'm Going to Blog.

See, I'm not under any illusions that I'm going to have masses of loyal followers. But I DO want a place where I can record all the little things from when my kids were babies, so I can look back and remember everything.
For example. James splashing away in the puddles today.  The look of pure joy he had on his little face was priceless.  The way he leaped from puddle to puddle, and the way he was drawn towards the irresistible, biggest, deepest ones. I took a ton of pictures. I didn't, however take a picture of him after he fell face-first into one. He was covered in sand and water was dripping from his muddy little curls. Ooooo but I wanted to!  Poor kid.

Libby is 9 months old now, and can't stand on her own yet (not for lack of trying, though!) so she was stuck watching in the stroller. The fresh air did her good though, she's still napping after 1 1/2 hours!

Things are crazy around here. And they're about to get crazier, my baby girl is days away from crawling and is keen to get walking too. I need to re-babyproof!