Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Nursery

I love this little room, it's my favourite in the house. It used to be this horrible dark room with old curtains, an orange rug over brown tile linoleum and dark (fake) wood paneling. Like a 1970s basement. The fake wood paneling is still there, but thanks to Mr. Moore it's a creamy white.  The floor is just laminate, but it's such a friendly, cheerful little room!

Libby's dresser

Art from Etsy

Lib's side of the room

James' side of the room

Toys and Art Gallery 

Lib's bed

James' crib is now exchanged for a double and we still haven't got "kid" linens for it, so he's making do with the brown sheets from the days we used his bed as a spare bed.

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