Monday, April 4, 2011

Pam the Builder

I have to share what I just built for the kids' bedroom!

James loves his Thomas trains, but he's annoyed that they are starting to get chipped in the bag he keeps them in. I've been looking for something to keep them in for ages and then decided to just make something.

"My shelves are so beautiful, Mommy!"

*Someone* doesn't want his sister touching his trains...
The plans are from Ana White, which is my new favourite website!  I made them all by myself!  Ok, Paul held the boards once or twice while I was drilling, and he pounded a few nails, but the rest was me . . . I even used the big saw! It was tons of fun and James is thrilled with his shelves.

The books are so much better displayed this way too, little Robert Munch books and the like are hard to find when they're all spine-out. The moment he finished putting them all up, he grabbed one to read.

And no, that's not all his books, the rest are under Libby's crib and we'll circulate!

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