Thursday, April 28, 2011


After 6 long months, 5 feet of snow, and -37 temperatures I think spring is finally here in earnest. It's been around 10 degrees every day, most of the snow is gone, and we have a bouquet of pussywillows on our kitchen table. Life is good!
We've been busy doing lots of Eastery baking and crafting: hot cross buns, egg shaped cupcakes, jello eggs, and dying regular eggs too. James is crazy for crafting and baking, so he was a very happy boy all week!

Easter was fun, James really "got" the whole Easter Bunny thing this year. He wasn't as in to the hunt as last year, because last year it was all about finding eggs and this year it was about eating eggs.
We didn't go too overboard on treats this year, but I (or the Easter Bunny, rather!) found some playsilks and wooden scenery from a few Etsy shops (Beneath the Rowan Tree and The Enchanted Cupboard) and both the kids are really enjoying them!
And here's Miss Elizabeth modelling her new Easter skirt . . .
She tried a bit of chocolate for the first time and it went over ok, but she was just as happy to get back to her egg yolk :)

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